Hesed House Donation

Hesed House Donation

July 26, 2017

Friends of Sky Footwear,

My name is Pat McNamara, and I had the privilege of being a part of Sky Footwear’s team over the past few months. Keaton and Eric approached me in early April, and my first responsibility was choosing a homeless shelter. I’ve spent my entire life in the Chicago Suburbs, so I really wanted to use this opportunity to give back to a place close to the heart and home. After reviewing multiple homeless shelters in the area, we settled on Hesed House in Aurora, Illinois.

Hesed House is the second largest homeless shelter in Illinois, and its personal development and commitment to love is what really made it stand out. Hesed (translates from Hebrew as loving kindness) is committed to sheltering the area’s homeless. This is done through its PADS program, which operates a system that connects over 70 faith-based institutions with local homeless. On top of this, they run over 10 programs in career, spiritual, or personal counseling for whole person development.

Throughout the month of June, I was overwhelmed with the support people had for Sky Footwear and our mission. Above all, two stories really encouraged me as we consider homelessness in Aurora. First, I was working a pop-up shop in downtown Aurora on First Fridays. An older woman loved Sky Footwear’s buy one give one model, so she bought two pairs of socks; however, she left them on the table. I tracked her down to make sure she got them, but she had actually done this intentionally. She made me promise that the styles she bought went to the children at Hesed House (these are the two socks pictured).

It was heartwarming to see someone give so unselfishly. The second story happened when I stopped at a lemonade stand in the neighborhood. Two little girls were selling pink lemonade with all proceeds going to Hesed House. Later, I even saw them going door to door collecting for the same cause. I was inspired to see people so young fighting for such a noble reason, a reason bigger than themselves. While other kids play video games and tag, these girls are helping people take the next step in their life.

Overall, I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to donate over 450 pairs of socks to Hesed House. They received the donation with smiles, joy, and thankfulness. I know none of this would have been possible without the support and loyalty of our Sky Footwear customers, so I thank you all.



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