Help us reach our goal of donating 10,000 socks in 2018

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Join Steve Cishek

Become a Sky Ambassador and join a group of supporters on a mission to help change the lives of the homeless fasfj asfj fas.


Buy one, give one

By purhcasing a pair of sock you simultaneously join of group ambassadors who are all a part of the mission to provide hope for the homeless community

Pamela Aguilar   -   2 APR 2017, 12:21

Join Sky Club

By joining the Sky Sock Club, you become an ambassador and receive a pair of socks as well as donate a pair every single month.

Pamela Aguilar   -   2 APR 2017, 12:21


When you have have passion and excitement to share the mission of Sky Footwear, we include as one of the ambassadors. Use one of these captions to state that you stand with us and are a part of our journey.

Pamela Aguilar   -   2 APR 2017, 12:21


By becoming an ambassador you will receive updates on our question to 10,000 socks, receive special discounts, and receive information to engage with us on social media.

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